Adaptive Physical Education

Adaptive Physical Education

Preschool Physical Education

The children in AHRC New York City preschools participate in physical education two times per week.  There is an understanding that young learners need to engage in regular movement and that physical education is an important aspect of early childhood education.  The PE teachers ensure that the activities are age-appropriate and that support is provided for certain students when necessary.

School-Age Programs Adaptive Physical Education

Our school-age programs both have full-time special educators who specialize in providing physical education to individuals with disabilities such as ASD.  Students participate in adaptive physical education (APE) twice per week and engage in sports, recreation, and exercise with the support of trained staff.  We at AHRC recognize the importance of physical activity for persons with autism, regardless of age, as well as the positive health effects of engaging in such activities.  We also understand that many individuals with ASD need support when they participate and that physical activities often need to be modified in order to reflect the needs of the students.  APE is an essential part of our school-age programming and all students are expected to engage in the activities to their greatest extent possible.