AHRC NYC Education Staff Attend Senator Andrew Gounardes’s Kids Town Hall

by Christina Muccioli, Vice President of EducationAHRC NYC

On Sunday, January 12th, Senator Andrew S. Gounardes held a Town Hall and Resource Fair at Edward B. Shallow JHS 227 in Brooklyn.  Also in attendance were AHRC NYC’s Vice President of EducationChristina MuccioliPrincipal Christopher Uccellini of AHRC Middle/High School, and Matthew Schultz, the Psychologist from Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School. AHRC NYC’s elementary school and middle/high school reside within the Senator’s district and many of the parents of our students are constituents.

What was truly unique about this affair was unlike most other events, the target audience was kids ranging from kindergarteners to seniors in high school. The purpose of the town hall was to engage the youngsters in relevant issues facing them and to promote civic engagement at a young age.

The Senator began the session by assessing the children’s’ knowledge of civics, specifically questioning their knowledge of federal, state and local government. He explored some of the relevant issues they face today–climate change, vaping, bullying, and feeling safe in the streets. Afterward, the students had an opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance from the senator.

One by one, the students lined up and pressingly sought answers to their questions:

  • Why are the streets so dirty?
  • What can we do to help?
  • How can we make sure that young people vote when they reach the age of 18?

With patience and candor, Senator Gounardes explained ways they might help and encouraged their membership in the Community Youth Council. All in all, the event was well attended by parents, children, and community members of the Senator’s district. The event was highly successful judging by the ardent and vocal engagement of the children. Thanks to Senator Gounardes for organizing this event and thanks to the kids for their enthusiastic participation.