AHRC NYC Participates in No Hate in Our State 2020 Security Grant Conference

by John GoodsonAssistant DirectorEducational Services & Program Development

On Thursday, January 30th, 2020, Christina Muccioli, Vice President of Educational Services, attended the No Hate in Our State 2020 Security Grant Conference at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. Christina received an invitation from the Governor’s Office to participate in this comprehensive security event.

In his most recent proposed budget, Governor Andrew Cuomo allocated funds to support grants that for the first time would be made available to nonprofit non-public schools (e.g. Chapter 853 schools) and faith-based places of worship and cultural centers across the state that could be considered targets of hate crimes.

The event was attended by an impressive cross-section of community leaders, clergy, public health officials, and security experts. The Governor allocated $45 million to eligible organizations that might be at an increased risk of a hate-crime, with an additional $25 million available after the state budget passes on April 1st.

Governor Cuomo addressed the importance of government stepping up to support these institutions by funding grants that would help organizations secure their building and constituents.  Statistics on hate crime have suggested an increase on both local and national incidents. Unfortunately, as past experience has demonstrated, too often schools and the students they educate are often targets for crime.

Governor Cuomo’s staff explained how to access the Gateway Grants portal, what criteria needed to be met for eligibility, steps needed to perform a risk analysis and self-assessment, and general guidance through a work session detailing how a nonprofit organization could effectively apply for the grants. State representatives were available to work individually with members of the audience to review the necessary steps.

I am appreciative of the Governor’s efforts to allocate grant funds to help secure our schools and protect our very vulnerable population,” Christina said. “Clearly, we will be applying for a Gateway grant and use these funds to provide a more comprehensive approach to the well-being and safety of our students and staff.”

AHRC NYC has previously applied for similar grant money in an effort to enhance security at 83 Maiden Lane.  The ensuing proposal will now include requests for money to improve security systems and reduce risks at both our main office site and at the schools. AHRC NYC recognizes that “realizing potential” can only be achieved in an environment that prioritizes the safety and security of the people we support and the AHRC staff who assist them daily.