Grab Your Passports! BBF Students Learn about Countries Around the World

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, the students of Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School‘s Class 216 took a trip around the world! During this quarter of the school year, in Collaborative Speech class, teachers, Jennifer DeLorenzoBehavior Trainer, and Erin Goldfarb,Speech Therapist, focused on the social studies unit: Geography and Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Students were introduced to the topic by learning about the long geologic history that created the environment as it exists today, (including plate tectonics,) which led to learning about the various countries and regions that call the western hemisphere home.


Each of the eight students chose one country or region to research, for a project that would culminate in a presentation to school staff and classmates.  The students used a variety of resources to look up information: encyclopedia, books, the internet, and personal interviews.

Students then completed an assignment in which they wrote down all the information they had learned, and they each created a poster board to about their chosen country/region to use during their presentations. As the students made their presentations to their peers, each received a pleasing applause! To conclude the unit, students each made a passport, complete with their photos, and traveled around the world – to each of their peers poster boards, to learn about other countries from their classmates. Each student collected three facts that they had learned about each country, and upon presenting those facts to their teacher, they received a stamp of approval on their passport, allowing them to continue their travels to the next country!

October Reminders: Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary

Here are a few quick reminders for parents of students attending Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School, (BBF):

  • October 13  – school is closed
  • October 16 – PTO meeting.  AHRC New York City’s Director of Advocacy ServicesPaul Hutchinson will be discussing advocacy with parents of BBF students.  Please call (718) 834-0597 for more information about this event.
  • October 23 – half day of school – early dismissal
  • During the week of October 6th – BBF will invite a fireman to visit the school to teach students about fire safety measures, in celebration of Fire Prevention Week.
  • October 31 – BBF’s Halloween celebration