English / Language Arts

English / Language Arts

Preschool English / Language Arts


Our preschool programs all utilize Creative Curriculum to help students begin to develop literacy skills. The Creative Curriculum supports our preschool teachers as they arrange classroom environments that encourage children to read and write. The curriculum provides insight into the seven components of literacy:

  • Literacy as a source of enjoyment
  • Vocabulary and language
  • Phonological awareness
  • Knowledge of print
  • Letters and words
  • Comprehension
  • Books and other texts

The Creative Curriculum also incorporates a myriad of ways to introduce literacy concepts in ways that are accessible to all students. Examples include talking, singing and playing with language, reading aloud, storytelling, story retelling, writing, and meaningful play.

Our ABA classrooms also use the STAR Autism Program to develop the early literacy skills of our learners with ASD.  This curriculum provides instruction for the development of the foundational skills needed for these young students to eventually access age-appropriate reading and writing abilities in the grade school years.

School-Age Program English / Language Arts


Our elementary and middle/high schools use a range of curricular tools to support the development of their students’ ELA skills. The primary curriculum is Heinemann’s Fountas and Pinnell reading intervention system which helps identify gaps in literacy skills and effectively respond with targeted instruction.  Writing skills are supported by the Collins writing program which helps teachers integrate writing skills into all curricular domains.

The base curriculum at AHRC Middle/High School is also Fountas and Pinnell.  Similar to the elementary school, staff are trained in the Collins Writing Program methodology to integrate writing skills into all curricular areas.