Introducing New Principals at Astoria Blue Feather and AHRC Middle/High School

AHRC New York City’s Education Department wants to formally recognize our two new principals for the 2019-20 school-years, Sandra Evangelista and Christopher Uccellini.

Sandra has been promoted as Principal to Astoria Blue Feather Early Learning Center (ELC) in Astoria, Queens. Sandra has worked at Astoria since 2005. Initially, she was hired as a special education teacher but quickly was promoted to a supervisory position as the Disabilities/Education Coordinator for Astoria’s Inclusionary/Head Start Program from 2006 until 2015. In 2015, Astoria closed its Inclusionary/ Head Start Program. Sandra then became Astoria’s Program Coordinator and was instrumental in helping the school make a smooth transition dedicated to educating preschoolers with disabilities.

Her leadership and long tenure made her the ideal candidate to serve as Astoria’s Principal when Denise Polanco took up the mantle at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School this summer.  “Sandra is a dedicated, bright and hardworking individual. Her work ethic and excellent skills are outstanding. We are indeed fortunate to maintain the continuity and leadership that Sandra provides for our children, their families, and the staff,” said Christina Muccioli, Vice President of Education.

Christopher Uccellini has been working in the education field for years, serving as a third-grade teacher in 2006. He quickly rose through the ranks while working in the public school systems in Long Island. After obtaining his School Building Leader Certificate in 2012 he was hired as an Assistant Principal in Garden City, NY and then as a Principal in the Hewlett-Woodmere public school system.

Chris joined AHRC NYC in January 2019. “We were immediately impressed with Chris’s knowledge base and professionalism and realized early on that he would be an asset to the Education Department and to AHRC NYC.  It was hoped that he would become a principal in our school-age program when an opening occurred,” said Christina Muccioli. Chris was initially hired as an Education Training Director and it was in that role that he supported the implementation of the school-age curriculum and advanced professional learning and development for the staff.

It is our good fortune that Christopher Uccellini accepted our offer to serve as Principal of AHRC Middle High School in July 2019. Chris has set high standards for the school, staff, and students. Increased enrollment, higher expectations and more post-secondary opportunities for students with autism spectrum disorder are Chris’s goals. We are confident that Chris will achieve them!