Preschool Math:

The Creative Curriculum includes many math concepts in its activities.  Teachers are encouraged to expand upon their children’s interests to facilitate mathematics learning. The curriculum is designed to help teachers incorporate mathematics learning into daily classroom routines. Centers and activities are set up to improve children’s math understanding and application.  Concepts such as cardinality, quantity, counting, and patterns are emphasized.


School-Age Programs Math:

At Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary, teachers primarily utilize Triumphs math to teach students.  Triumphs is designed for students who have difficulty acquiring math concepts.  Each student is individually assessed before math instruction begins. Elementary school teachers also have access to Stern Math and TouchMath curriculums to supplement their math lessons.   and Appropriate differentiation for the learners  is stressed.  Math instruction occurs on a daily basis in every classroom and fulfills the state standards for instructional hours in this subject.


AHRC Middle/High School uses a variety of curriculum, including Triumphs, Stern Math, Menu Math, and other instructional tools.  Depending on the learning needs of the students, teachers reference a range of curriculum to create the individualized programming necessary.  Independence is always the goal.  Students participate in math instruction every day. Whenever possible, teachers introduce math concepts within their natural environments to facilitate the generalization.  Examples include teaching money management skills in the context of purchasing preferred items from the store.