May 18th Airport Rehearsal Event: Wings for All

AHRC New York will be sponsoring an additional Wings event at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at 10:00 am.  In partnership with United Airlines, TSA, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Wings for All is an airport rehearsal program for individuals with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The program is intended to reduce some of the stress that families who have a child with a disability experience when traveling by air. The program provides families with the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtaining boarding passes, going through security, and boarding a plane. Wings for All® provides airport, airline, TSA professionals and other personnel the opportunity to interact with the families and deliver their services in a structured environment.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact or 212-895-3386.

Delta Airlines and AHRC NYC Education Department Partner for 6th Annual Wings for Autism Airport Rehearsal Event

For the 6th consecutive year, AHRC New York City’s Educational Services collaborated with Delta Airlines, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, (PANYNJ) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to hold Wings for Autism ® at LaGuardia International Airport.  Introduced by The Arc over a decade ago, Wings for Autism ®  is an airport rehearsal specially designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The program is intended to alleviate the stress that families who have a child with autism or intellectual/developmental disabilities experience when flying. AHRC NYC brought approximately 20 families of students who attend its schools to the airport where they practiced receiving boarding passes, going through security, and boarding an airplane.

We had a great experience with Wings for Autism,” said Toni Bennet, parent of a student at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary.  “My son has experience riding on airplanes but every year there are new challenges. We went with a classmate and that family realized that the windows were something they have to problem solve around. Who knew – the benefits of practicing?”

Students and families were supported by school volunteers as well as Delta and the LGA personnel who dedicated their Saturday to supporting our families.  Assistant Director of Educational Services, John Goodson, wants to recognize Jorge Chuzan from Delta, Veda Simmons and Guy Lainis from TSA, and Keshia-Elaine Johnson from PANYNJ for their contributions.  We hope to continue this important event next year to continue to coincide with Autism Awareness Month.

Wings for Autism helps families of loved ones with Autism to practice the steps of airline travel in a safe and supported environment

This was our first time participating in the event and we all enjoyed it,” said Maria Nero. “Our son, Sethos, loved meeting the captain, sitting on the plane and using the lights with the air traffic controllers. All of the Delta staff were extremely patient and friendly. Thank you so much for such a wonderful event!

We continue to emphasize that there are supports and programs in place that can truly help these families access important experiences,” said John after the event.  John will be coordinating another Wings event at Newark International Airport in May with United Airlines.

Transition News from AHRC Middle High School

written by Estefania FloresTransition CoordinatorAHRC Middle High School

Students at AHRC Middle High School are learning new professional skills every day! Here are some examples:

CVS Pharmacy

For the past five months, every Tuesday and Thursday, Jalyn C. has been enthusiastically working at the Fort Hamilton CVS Store.  He has a number of responsibilities there. He makes sure that all the items on the shelves are faced, whereby each item is moved to the edge of the shelf, giving it a look of being fully stocked.

Jaylyn also makes sure that the shelves are free of all dirt and dust. On Thursday with the help of Jessica VanArnum, BTA Specialist, they unpack new merchandise and place them on the proper shelves. This has been an extremely valuable learning opportunity for Jalyn, giving him actual working experience.


New students are beginning their vocational training at our Marshall’s Department Store. We are continuing our partnerships which now focus on students that have shown proficiency in our internal school internships and now have graduated to external opportunities.

Students Olivia and Patrick began practicing how to fold clothes at the school. They quickly got the hang of it and are now going to Marshall’s once a week to perform this task and more. Students are assisting Marshall’s staff in the stockroom unpacking their merchandise and distributing them to different locations at the store. Congratulations to Ronny, Steven, Olivia, and Patrick for their achievement and their continued success at Marshall’s.

Maimonides Medical Center

There are four different work locations at Maimonides Medical Center for MHS students. One student is working in the finance department sorting patient files and putting them into the proper folders. Aser F. is currently working in the rheumatology department alphabetizing patient files to be filed in their records, and three other students are working in the ophthalmology department sorting and stuffing envelopes that have to be sent out to the various patients of the hospital.

Every Thursday they stamp and sort the various foreign language newspapers that are then distributed to the patients in the hospital. Our students continue to build their skills across different settings.

Home Depot

High School Class 203 is thrilled to be participating in our new Home Depot workshops. Students are learning how to install light fixtures and ceiling fans. All the students are looking forward to their next visit where they are going to learn new skills. This workshop teaches our students about various home safety devices and products that Home Depot sells. This shows them how some of the products are assembled and what they are used for in one’s home. Thank you to the Home Depot Store located in Red Hook for creating this great opportunity and for raffling off fire extinguishers, non-electric light bulbs that glow by the touch of the hand, fire and smoke detectors.


Minkos students are busy at work completing jobs for AHRC training department, HASC, Brooklyn Blue Feather, and the Quality Assurance Department.

Students have completed a multitude of copies, bookbinding, shredding, proclamations, and laminating works.

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol Visits Francis of Paola Early Learning Center

The weather outside was frightful, but the children’s cheer inside of Francis of Paola Early Learning Center was only delightful. On December 18th, 2018, the school held its annual Winter Carnival and was paid a visit by its local Assemblyman, Joseph R. Lentol. The assemblyman came to meet with the children and staff members as well as view the ways technology is being used in the school as a result of a grant Francis of Paola received from the New York State Assembly.

As part of the Winter Carnival, children created fake snow, played winter-themed games with one another and with their teachers, and learned about what winter weather entails and which holidays are celebrated in late December. Assemblyman Lentol joined in on the fun by joining the kids in their games and asking them what they were looking forward to during the holiday season. Teachers at the school showed the assemblyman various videos, photos, and lessons that have been uploaded to iPads that were provided to the school thanks to the Assembly’s grant.

Later, Assemblyman Lentol joined over two dozen children and teachers in a classroom where a SmartBoard has been set up. The SmartBoard allows for interactive and engaging lessons. The assemblyman sang a number of holiday songs with the children and was introduced to the kiddie-song sensation “Baby Shark,” which all of the students enthusiastically knew the words to.

It was a pleasure to attend Francis of Paola’s Winter Wonderland Celebration,” Assemblyman Lentol said. “I was thrilled to see the students interacting with the new technology.  It showed me and I am sure others would agree that technology exponentially helps a student’s learning ability so it’s important that we invest as much as we can in using technology in the classroom.

Team-Building Event at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary Brings Staff Together

Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School held its first Team-Building Day on the afternoon of November 15, 2018.  Despite the snowy weather, the event, led by John Goodson, Assistant Director of AHRC NYC’s Educational Services, was a great success.  Staff participated in four team-building activities, (Story Starters, Four Corners, Building Bridges, and Silent Tower) which were intended to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and professional respect.

Team Building Exercises

Story Starters promoted conversations among staff about personal details of their life, including recollections of memorable childhood vacations, high school dances, and different learning institutions they attended.  They were then asked to reveal interesting anecdotes that had learned to the larger group.

During the Four Corners exercise, staff members were asked to move themselves to one of four labeled corners, (Structure, Relationships, Meaning, and Action) that best aligned with their reasons for working for AHRC NYC and in Special Education. Members of each of the corners then provided advice for the other corners about how best to work with them.

Building Bridges required two teams to build half of a bridge without seeing the other team’s work.  At the end of the activity, the partition was removed to see if the bridges could meet and function as a pathway.

The final activity, Silent Tower, asked small groups to build marshmallow and toothpick towers without speaking.

The staff acknowledged having learned about each other as a result of Team-Building Day and discussed ways that they could apply the information to their work in the school’s classrooms. The success of the inaugural day of team-building exercises has inspired John to replicate the event at other school sites during the coming school year.


Wings for Autism Soars in 2018

On Saturday, April 28th, AHRC New York City, in collaboration with The ArcDelta Airlines, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), held their 4th annual Wings for Autism event at LaGuardia International Airport (LGA). Over 20 families and 100 participants came for the event where they were able to rehearse all aspects of air travel. They were supported by 15 volunteers from AHRC New York City schools and Kerry MaugerTraining Coordinator from The Arc.

With the goal of helping families practice going to the airport and boarding the plane, Wings for Autism was a great success again this year. The event’s message was that “This Is Possible.

Year after year, Wings for Autism always surprises me and leaves me feeling more fulfilled than the year before,” said Corinne Young, a Behavior Trainer, and event leader. “The families and children are so excited to be trying out this experience to be able to enjoy a trip together in the future. Delta and TSA are amazing in all the ways they help and are able to cater to the unique needs of families. I’m looking forward to next year!

Now Boarding…

The families arrived around 12:00 pm on what turned out to be a beautiful spring day. After checking in and receiving their event t-shirts, they received boarding passes and moved through the security line. At the gate, the families ate snacks provided by Delta and took pictures with airline and airport personnel. Boarding started at approximately 1:15. While on the plane, the families were guided through security and safety procedures and also given a visual tour of various on-ground airport job duties.

I liked going into the plane,” said Dennis Nasonov, a student at AHRC Middle/High School. “We took pictures in the LGA, looking out the window and seeing the other planes.

Fellow classmate, Tia Harper added, “I liked the event. It was fun!

Thanks to Our Partners

Event coordinator, John GoodsonEducation Training Director, would like to thank Jorge Chuzan and his Delta Airlines team as well as Guy Lainis and Veda Simmons from TSA, Emily Shyu from the Port Authority, and Corinne and the AHRC NYC volunteers. Wings for Autism is an initiative of The Arc of the United States. We look forward to holding the event again in April 2019 in recognition of Autism Awareness Month!

Howard Haber ELC Marks Autism Awareness Month With a Walk Through The Bronx

What began as just a little walk ended up being not so little. Staff and students at Howard Haber Early Learning Center kicked off Autism Awareness Month with an Awareness Parade. The staff and students at Howard Haber received an outpouring of love and support not only from the immediate families of HH students but also from the community.

The police officers of the 45th Precinct came to secure the route and interact with the children. Some officers walked with us while another rode with lights and played music through their speakers while talking with the kids.

NY1, News 12, and the Bronx Times came down to walk with us and cover the story.


Transition News from AHRC Middle/High School

Students at AHRC Middle/High School (MHS) are preparing for the next stages of their lives by taking internships, attending resume writing workshops, and working with college students at Pace University.

Five MHS students (Michael, AlfonsoRicardoNhojay, and Jasmin) have each been interviewed and accepted into the new CVS Internship Program. They all did such a fantastic job and the two interviewers at CVS were quite impressed with the students. These students have been working on their interviewing skills in school using the Links program. Their hard work has paid off as the students are very excited to begin their roles at CVS.

Kevin, Aser, Liam, and Patrick went on their first interview at Maimonides Medical Center. They were applying for a position at the volunteer center and will be doing clerical work. Students described their previous work experiences and why they wanted to work there. They then sat for a PowerPoint presentation about the rules and regulations of the hospital. They also were told about the hospital’s background and the people that they serve. Afterward, students were given a test about what they learned about the hospital and its rules and regulations. They all passed!

Resume Workshop

On March 28, 2018, Michael and Randy traveled to Manhattan by train to participate in a resume writing workshop that was put together by Karen ZuckermanDirector of Volunteering and Corporate Engagement. The workshop was conducted by corporate volunteers who independently sat with each of the student participants to help them think about and write a proper resume for when applying to use jobs in the working world.

Each volunteer explained how important it is to first think about and describe previous and current work experiences and to be able to put those thoughts to paper. They also asked them what types of jobs they would be interested in and how they would go about looking for them. They shared with the students their own experiences in looking for a job and how they went about it. The students found this session most productive and enjoyable. It gave them the ability and the experience to interface with working adults.

Fridays at Pace

The Friday Pace group commenced their semester at Pace University. Students were thrilled to return back to this program where they are paired with a Pace student. For this semester, students will work on a PowerPoint presentation about their future and interests. All students were engaged and super motivated to begin their work. Thank you to the Pace students who volunteered their time for this program and a special thanks to Dr. James Lawler for continuing to have this wonderful program for MHS students.

Special thanks to Frank Kule¸Tranistion Coordinator, for all of his hard work on our CVS and Maimonides Internships as well as Karen Zuckerman for coordinating the resume workshop.

Singing for Hope at AHRC Middle/High School

Students at AHRC Middle/High School were given the gift of music this holiday season. Sing for Hope, a non-profit seeking to expand opportunities in the arts in New York City, donated one of their famous pianos to the school in the fall and formally christened the instrument with a ceremony on Thursday, December 14th.

About Sing for Hope’s Pianos

We get artists that come in to paint about 50 pianos that get placed in public spaces during the summer months, and then the pianos are donated to schools,” said Daniel Smiertka, a representative from Sing for Hope. “Usually the students don’t have access to instruments like this because pianos are a lot of money to buy and maintain.

You may have seen a Sing for Hope piano before without realizing it. In June 2017 they were found in all five boroughs, usually in frequented areas such as Central Park, Grand Army Plaza, and the boardwalks in Rockaway Beach and Staten Island, (several were installed at Liberty Plaza near AHRC New York City Headquarters). Each piano has a unique design reflecting an artist’s personal vision of the Sing for Hope mission.

MHS’s piano was designed by Jennifer Kakaletris Boyar and was previously located at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza near the United Nations complex. It has Keith Haring-inspired lettering and designs, with Lady Liberty and the phrase “Art for All” spread throughout.

I saw the pianos first on the street years ago, and this past year I was inspired to give a piano submission and it’s been awesome,” Jennifer said. “I’m so honored it’s here, it’s so cool. While I was working on it I thought about where its final home was going to be, and it looks great here.

We’re All in the Mood for a Melody

MHS PrincipalAndrew Winfrey said that the school applied for the piano over the summer, and it was delivered in early October. At the ceremony on December 14th, the piano was introduced to the school at large by Frank Malloy IV, Sing for Hope’s Program Manager, and Neil Davis, a New York City-based singer-songwriter.

I’ve gotten to volunteer at hospitals and schools underserved with music,” Neil said. “I love the mission and as an artist myself it’s always nice to get [the music] out of you and bring it forward for other people.

Neil first led all students in a musical scales exercise to warm up their vocal chords. He then played an original song that had plenty of collaborative singing before finishing up with a few songs in the Christmas canon, such as “Jingle Bell Rock” and Wham!’s seminal “Last Christmas.

We’ve done so many different schools and seen so many positive reactions,” Neil said. “You realize how universal music is.


A Trip Around the World with Students from Brooklyn Blue Feather

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, the students of Class 216 at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School took a trip around the world! Speech Therapist, Erin Spilberg and Behavior Trainer Assistant, Louann Cadle, utilizing the principles of collaboration, embarked on a journey with their students. Their destination was one of the countries that comprise the western hemisphere, specifically focusing on a social studies unit: Geography and Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Through the use of books, maps, and the internet students became knowledgeable and better prepared to choose a country to conduct research. Students studied a country’s topography, climate, natural resources, its history, and basic facts that a tourist might need to know if visiting.

The project culminated in a presentation to school staff and classmates. As the students made their presentations an appreciative and loud round of applause could be heard in the halls of the school. And like most world travelers, the students needed a passport.  So each student created a passport complete with a photo.  As a consequence, through the use of each other’s research projects, the students were able “to travel” to many countries around the world. To demonstrate what they learned, these “travelers” were required to state three facts about the country. As a reward, their passports were stamped allowing them to continue their journey to another country. Wow, what world-weary travelers are the students of Class 216!