Preschool Science:

Our preschool teachers recognize that science needs to be taught a certain way to young learners.  They embrace hands-on, experiential science that allows students to explore different science-based concepts and encourages inquiry-based learning.  Within the Creative Curriculum environment, science activities are an essential part of weekly lesson planning and allow students to participate in exciting, instructive activities that build the foundation for a lifetime of interest in science.

School-Age Programs Science:


At Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School, teachers adhere to the Common Core Standards for elementary education.  Science is taught on a bi-weekly basis and the focus is on hands-on interactive learning that promotes student involvement in the instructional process.  Students commonly participate in science projects that allow them to apply their learning in a fun, exciting setting.

At AHRC Middle / High School, teachers use a curriculum that focuses on life science, earth science, and physical science.  The students engage with age-appropriate science concepts that are both interesting and promote better understanding of the world around them.  The primary science text is A Closer Look curriculum which stresses multi-modal learning strategies.