Preschool Science:

Our preschool teachers recognize that science needs to be taught a certain way to young learners.  They embrace hands-on, experiential science that allows students to explore different science-based concepts and encourages inquiry-based learning.  Within the Creative Curriculum environment, science activities are an essential part of weekly lesson planning and allow students to participate in exciting, instructive activities that build the foundation for a lifetime of interest in science.

School-Age Programs Science:

Both Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School and AHRC Middle / High School follow the state learning standards for science instruction.  This includes lessons in the core areas of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.  Both schools emphasize interactive, project-based learning which allows the students to explore the concepts and apply the information to the real world.  To support science instruction, both schools utilize the Amplify Science program. Amplify is a phenomena-based curriculum recently developed out of UC-Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.  Amplify blends investigations, digital content, and literacy-focused science resources to help students become scientists in the classroom.