Social Studies

Social Studies


Preschool Social Studies:

The Creative Curriculum offers a number of opportunities for students to learn civic and community skills.  Our preschools also provide many situations in which students can be exposed to different aspects of their neighborhoods and to learn the appropriate values and behaviors necessary for societal inclusion.

School Age Program Social Studies:

Teachers at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary are expected to create social studies lessons that reflect the State Learning Standards. They have access to McGraw Hill’s resources on NY State social studies content as well as other learning tools such as Putnam North Westchester BOCES Social Studies/ELA curriculum.  Staff are expected to regular provide instruction on social studies and community-based topics.  Essential concepts include community and neighborhood topics as well as content regarding national issues such as politics, history, and human rights.


At AHRC Middle/High School, teachers follow the PNW BOCES SS/ELA curriculum that provides instruction in a range of important topics such as community government, New York State and City History, US History, and World History.  The teachers break down the concepts and differentiate the instruction so that the most important concepts and information are accessible and applicable in the students’ everyday lives.  To ensure that students understand and synthesize the concepts, our teachers embrace multi-modal presentation of social studies materials, including visual tools, interactive tasks, and personalized activities.