Weekly Schedule – Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary

Weekly Schedule: Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary

The following is an example of a typical weekly schedule for a
Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School classroom:



Art:  Hands-on art activity with appropriate scaffolds to ensure that every student can engage in and benefit from the task.

Gym:  Gym teacher instructs students in range of physical games, exercises, and tasks that include supports for learners who may struggle with gross and fine motor activities.

Health:  Students learn healthy habits and safe behaviors, within an age appropriate curriculum.

Literacy:  Students receive differentiated reading and writing instruction in small groups.  In some cases, students transition to another classroom to receive instruction.

Math: Instruction is based on skill level, learning style, and communication ability. Materials include Triumphs Math, Stern Math, and Touch Math and other strategies.

Media:  In the designated Media Lab, students practice their computer skills.

Music: Hands-on and interactive musical activities that reflect student strengths and challenges.  Classes practice group numbers and concerts to be presented at bi-annual concerts.

Science:  Science concepts, hands-on learning

Social Studies:  Students learn about their community and neighborhood concepts.