Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

Community-Based Instruction

Students joined with the Delta Airlines staff as they practice the steps of air travel in a real-world environment

Students practice the steps of air travel in the real-world environment with the staff of Delta Airlines

Community-based Instruction (CBI) is teaching within natural community environments. Through local internships, students can attend community college classes and/or work in restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, libraries, schools, and offices. Students with autism often have difficulties generalizing skills learned in the classroom. These weaknesses hurt independence, inclusion, and employment. CBI supports educational programming in natural, community environments.  For example, teaching students money skills at the grocery store will be more beneficial than teaching money skills in the classroom.

AHRC Middle/High School includes community-based instruction in regular weekly schedules.  Practicing skills without connecting them to students’ lives typically can reduce generalization.  AHRC New York City embraces regular and systematic instruction that occurs in meaningful, environments with naturally-occurring materials and limited restrictions. Our students learn travel training, money management, leisure, appropriate restaurant behaviors, and vocational abilities. Concepts are taught with research-support methods and individualized curricular plans.

AHRC New York City recognizes that “Field Trips” are not a substitute for CBI. CBI focuses on the acquisition of functional and age-appropriate skills in natural environments.