Transition & Person Centered Planning

Transition &
Person-Centered Planning

Transition planning begins as soon as a student enters the AHRC New York City Middle/High School. All activities are designed to increase responsibilities and independence. Emphasis is placed on improving employment potential and options. Appropriate behaviors in school, home, and community are taught.  Self-advocacy skills and independent living skills are developed.

The Transition Plan is a working document. Its primary purpose is to achieve “what is desired” instead of what is “simply available.” To facilitate this, AHRC Middle High School emphasizes Person-Centered Planning. This collaborative process helps students identify their dreams, define the supports they require, and work together with valued people.

As students get older, they have increasing opportunities to participate in internal and external activities and jobs. AHRC Middle/High School offers experiences such as:

  • Maintaining an apartment in our “Model Apartment” classroom
  • Home economics
  • Leisure skills
  • Delivery and messenger services
  • Copy Center services at school-based “Minkos”
  • Hall patrol
  • Busing liaison
  • School maintenance work
  • Office work in the main office
  • Retail experiences in the School Store and outside retail locations
  • Food services
  • Travel Training curriculum (in school and in the community)
  • Self-Advocacy curriculum

The students also have the opportunity to have a post-secondary educational experience through collaboration with PACE University. This program has been in place for over five years. Every semester, two groups of students participate in a PACE University technology course. Students pair up to work on a semester project. Students in this program get an introduction to college campus life. They experience the campus bookstore, the cafeteria, and downtown Manhattan.