Specialized Programming

Specialized Programming

All AHRC New York City programs utilize specialized programming – interventions and treatments. Many of the techniques and curricula were actually developed specifically for the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but are useful to children with all types of special learning needs.

The field of autism treatments has greatly expanded in the last thirty years. These interventions and treatments have been studied and evaluated by professionals with the goal of determining the most effective ways to provide instruction, reduce challenging behavior, improve communication, and remediate self-care deficits.  The methodologies and treatments that constitute best practice for working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders are recognized by experts in the field.

The AHRC New York City schools only employ research-supported interventions and methods for supporting persons with ASD and other disabilities. Our Specialized Programming, outlines the various strategies utilized in AHRC New York City schools and provides information regarding their efficacy and their implementation in the classrooms.

Applied Behavior Analysis
Verbal Behavior
Functional Behavioral Assessment and Functional Analysis
STAR Autism Support Program
Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Technology
Word / Sign
Community-based Instruction
Transition and Person-Centered Planning

These services are funded by the New York State Department of Education
and in New York City, operate with the approval of and under the oversight of
the New York City Department of Education