AHRC Middle / High School

A program that provides services to adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and those classified with emotional disturbances, multiple disabilities, or other health impairments; as well as students with a Learning Disability and Intellectual Disability

Ages 12 – 21


About AHRC Middle / High School

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wSLIDERmhsbuildingAHRC Middle/ High School, (also known as MHS,) is divided into two distinct programs: a middle school for students ages 12-14 and a high school for students ages 15-21.  Within these two schools, there are classrooms with ratios of 8:1:2 and 10:1:2, depending on the support needs of the student.  The classroom teachers are all New York State Certified.  They are supported by two certified Teaching Assistants. MHS also contains a staff of experienced School Administrators, Therapists, and Program Coordinators Instructional programming focuses on teaching core academics, speech/language, self-help, daily living, vocational, and social skills.  AHRC MHS strives to meet the academic requirements of New York State Education across all subjects.

To teach the academic, social, and daily living skills required, the teachers employ a range of research supported strategies.  These include:

The following are provided at the Middle/High School:

The transition from School to Adult Life


MHS aims to prepare its students for life after school by teaching a combination of academic, vocational, self-care, social-communicative, self-determination, and overall independence skills.  When students graduate they can Transition into a variety of different placements, including supportive college programs, day habilitation, supported employment, and a range of jobs. In order to best prepare the students to achieve their desired destination, students’ educational teams participate in Transition Planning as soon as students enter the school.

A student’s Transition Plan is a working document that requires an outcome-oriented approach, is student-centered, and is broad enough to allow for adaptation and flexibility.  Its primary purpose is to achieve “what is desired” rather than what is “simply available.”  To facilitate this planning, AHRC New York City Middle/High School staff emphasizes Person-Centered Planning (PCP), a collaborative process that helps students identify their aspirations, define the supports they require, and work together with the valued people in their life to determine their preferred pathway. CQL interviews are conducted.

Transition planning is based on the premise that all activities, whether academic or pre-vocational, are designed to increase responsibilities and independence.  Emphasis is placed on teaching skills that develop employment potential: appropriate behaviors in school, home, and the community; the ability to follow directions; the skill to self-advocate; independent living skills; and an understanding of post-secondary options and goals.

MHS offers a wide array of internal and external experiences that continue for the students throughout the high school years and into adulthood.  Examples include:

The students also have the opportunity to participate in a post-secondary educational experience through collaboration with PACE University, a relationship that is entering its 7th year.  Every semester, two groups of students enroll in a PACE University Technology Course.  Each enrolled MHS student is then paired with a PACE University technology student to work on a semester project.  MHS students in this program receive an introduction to college campus life (i.e. campus bookstore, cafeteria, life in downtown Manhattan) as well as the requirements of a college-level course.


AHRC Middle / High School
1201 66th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219


Principal: Christopher Uccellini

Assistant Principal: Trudy Pines