The HOPE Continuum

The HOPE Continuum
for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Preschool through High School

HOPE is an acronym that represents AHRC New York City’s mission regarding the education of children with autism, program guidelines for best practice, and the philosophy of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Humanistic approach to teaching

Recognizing that each child is an individual, AHRC NYC endorses an ABA approach that encourages incidental learning and spontaneity. We educate the “whole child” and take into account each child’s prior experience, temperament, frustration level, and support needs when planning his or her education program.


AHRC NYC is committed to capturing the window of opportunity that exists during the critical developmental years of a child’s life. Opportunities emphasizing functional academics, socialization skills, communication skills, and other necessary adaptive abilities are further fostered in a school-age program.


AHRC NYC encourages the active involvement of families. It is only when parents and professionals work together that true success can be achieved. Therefore, AHRC NYC supports consistent collaboration among parents, teachers, therapists, and administrators during every step of the child’s educational development.


AHRC NYC’s staff of licensed and certified professionals are experts in their respective fields. AHRC NYC schools only implement strategies, interventions, and treatments that are research-based and known to effectively support individuals with ASD.

AHRC NYC was one of the first providers in New York City to embrace the ABA approach to educate learners with autism spectrum disorders. Today, AHRC NYC operates a large number of programs serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders of all ages. Services are provided in early learning centers that specialize in educating preschoolers in community-based settings, and in our Elementary School and Middle/High School. Depending upon the needs of an individual child, and with appropriate governmental agency approval and recommendations, families may choose one, or a combination of these service options.

The goal of all AHRC New York City programs for children with autism is to foster each child’s ability to transition into the least restrictive environment and to increase the likelihood of his or her inclusion with typically developing peers. Achieving independence is a unique journey for every student, and is at the core of what AHRC New York City provides to the individuals that we serve in our schools and programs. HOPE is a constant reminder to members of the AHRC NYC education community, staff, students, and families, of what we strive for and how to best support individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

These services are funded by the New York State Education Department
and in New York City, operate with the approval of and under the oversight of
the New York City Department of Education.